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Want To Become a Member?

There are three (3) ways to become a member of Living Water Church Family:

1.  A Candidate for Baptism.

One who has never accepted Christ and now will confess belief in Him.  They must have a willingness to let Him rule their life and seek repentance for past sins.  Baptism by emersion signals the death and burial of past sins through a cleansing process; the rising up out of the water, as a new person, a new life, a Christian life.

Any person coming from another church and has not been baptized, may consider being a candidate for baptism.

2.  One may join by Letter.

The prospective member will bring or request a letter from the church he/she is leaving. The letter notifies the receiving church that the said person was a member (in good and regular standing), and desires a change of membership.

3.  One may join by Christian Experience.

The prospective member comes to us from another church with a statement – some reasons given (moved from area or city where his/her church was located); some choose to join with other members of the family, convenience, etc.

Once either step is given, the prospective member is required to attend New Members Orientation. This is a four (4) session orientation that will take place on the following 1st Sunday of when one states interest in joining. New Members Orientation begins at 9:45am-10:45am in the New Members Class Room and will consist of classes that deal with: Salvation, Church History, What do Baptist Believe, The Tools Every Christian Should Have and more. When these courses have been completed you will receive a certificate and will be properly welcomed into our church on the following 3rd Sunday of the next month.

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